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Eventus Marquees: Our modern marquees are available in 3m to 40m widths and extend in 3m or 5m lengths. We have access to a stock of over 500,000 sq ft of marquees and can be supplied to almost any location and surface type. They are made from high quality aluminium frames and white flame retardant PVC fabric, and meet all current safety regulations. Eventus marquees have plain white walls as standard on our solid and fabric sided marquees but window walls and glass panels also available.

Tubular Marquees

Marquee Linings:

Lining an Eventus marquee can add warmth, colour and sophistication to an event. We use various types of lining options depending on the event in questions. We can provide roof and wall linings in standard, pleated or tack off styles. We can also provide the client with extra lining options such as swag, trim and dressing of beams, posts, legs etc. in a colour of your choice. All fabrics are flame-retardant.





Marquee Flooring:

At Eventus we use a standard flooring system on our fabric sided marquees and a cassette flooring system for our solid sided units. Many of our clients then opt to use carpet for their event. The carpet we provide is the Evo-Rib fully recyclable cord option. 

Marquee Dance Floors:

Dance floors in Eventus marques are interlocking natural-oak mosaic parquet and are available in various sizes.

Marquee Staging:

Staging in Eventus marquees is available in 8ftx 4ft x 1ft sections, Ideal for a band or disco at your party or as a catwalk for a fashion show. All staging comes with a black curtain surround. A 2ft high stage is also available on request.