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In Ireland no time of the year garantees good weather and so for the organisers of outdoor events and markets, protecting your customers from the elements has to be a consideration.

The obvious answer is Marquee Hire. With a huge range, Eventus Marquees can ensure that visitors to your event are comfortable and therefor more likely to stay longer, spend more and generally participate!

Not every Marquee is the same. At Eventus we will work with you to ensure that the style of marquee suits the tone of your event and that it is suitable for the type of crowd you expect.

Eventus have supplied Marquee hire to some of the largest outdoor events in Ireland over the years and we are proud to still supply some more modest, local events too.

So, whatever your marquee requirement, talk to us at Eventus and let us help you to make your event a success!

The image shows Eventus Marquees in use at the Galway Market.